The Ignite program offers affordable entry into karting in an environment with a level playing field for all. Maximize track time and minimize maintenance and costs as you constantly improve your racing skills in an ultra-competitive environment. Factory sealed engines from Briggs Racing and a chassis developed by industry leader Margay Racing combine to provide a platform where the emphasis is solidly on driver development.

Note: Kart Idaho currently offers a Senior Class Series at this time. But we still sell karts for the other classes.
_Spec Chassis
IGNITE junior, senior & masters
The Ignite program uses two different chassis: the Ignite K2 for 8-12 year-old racers and the Ignite K3 for 12+ year-old racers. Manufactured by Margay Racing in St. Louis, each Ignite chassis is built to a certain specification to ensure all racers are racing on the same equipment.

Margay’s long-standing position as a leader in the karting industry is evidence of the commitment and dedication of Margay ownership and employees to building the highest quality, most competitive racing karts in the US. Through this dedication, Margay has remained at the forefront of the karting industry for over 42 years.

Rolling chassis and complete packages are available for purchase directly from the Kart Idaho or Margay Racing.
_Spec Engine
Hand-built in Milwaukee, WI, using tooling and dies specifically for racing for unparalleled repeatability, the Briggs LO206 engine is the staple for competitive kart racing across the United States. The key to the LO206’s success is the factory-issued seal with engine ensure. A reliable, sealed power plant with tight tolerances puts each racers fate in their own driving abilities and ensures that each engine package runs identically.
_Spec Tire
Manufacturing kart racing tires since 2006, Hoosier Tire has placed an emphasis on creating durable high performance tires that meet our customers needs. The Ignite series will utilize the Hoosier R80 tire. The R80 is a harder compound providing a nice blend of durability and performance.

margay ignite rental program

(K3 packages only at this time)

Want to get into karting but don't know how?  Well here is an easy way to do so!

We at Kart Idaho have an easy way for you to test the waters or commit to a full year of fun in one of our Margay Ignite K3 packages. These karts are proven winners across the country against all makes and models and have had more success at Kart Idaho than any other chassis. This is a program based upon getting new racers into the sport while also becoming independent at the same time by being able to learn how to work on their kart and not rely on anyone else to get them on the track on raceday. THIS IS NOT AN ARRIVE AND DRIVE PROGRAM.  This program is based around those racers that don't know anything but want to learn and grow into the sport many of us love. Don't worry if you know your stuff and are just looking to rent a kart this is for you as well. We also have racing programs available for you to race in where you can go out and just have a good time or race against some of the best 4 cycle kart racers in the Northwest. There are limited karts so act fast! Below you will find our two options for you to explore.

Alan Cathey 2020 Senior LO206 Champion at Kart Idaho driving a Margay Ignite K3


Full Year Program - $1500 ($1000 kart option sold out)

Exclusive use of the kart for the entire 2021 season!

Ability to keep the kart stored at Kart Idaho for free in the kart shop! ($600 value)

Will be given baseline setups for spec and open 206 classes that are used by the drivers that win!

Will have use of our garage work stalls to come in and work on your sweet ride!

Will have the ability to buy the kart at the end of the year for a discounted price!

Will start out the year with a brand new set of Hoosier R80s for our spec class! ($200 value)

Will be able to use one of our kart stands on race and practice days so you don't have to buy one!

If interested send us an email and we will give you all the details you need to decide if this package is for you!


Single Use Program - Price based on program chosen

Single Practice day - $50/hr plus practice fee. ($30 weekdays, $40 weekends) Kart will be on our spec series tire. Must prove to track you are capable of driving by running our rental karts or being able to provide proof of driving ability.

Spec Series Race - $125 for no mechanic (this means you must provide your own tools), $175 for a mechanic (Please reach out ahead of time for availability). Kart will come with spec series tires. Must have proven ability to drive race karts before being able to race in our spec series.

Below are single use packages for those racers who are knowledgeable and are able to manage the kart on their own. Weight if needed can be rented. 

Open 206 Race - $200 must provide race tires. 

SPUD CUP - $350 must provide race tires. Does not include race fee (TBD)

Please keep in mind that the earlier you notify the track about wanting a single use rental the better your experience will be and the better chance something will be available. If interested please send us an email.