Time To Take Your Event To The Next Level!

Company Team Building, Birthday Party, Bachelor Party, Charity Event, whatever it may be, Kart Idaho is the perfect place for you! Don’t just have a normal event that blends in with all the others, have something that will be talked about about for years to come. Schedule your next private event with us and we'll work with you to make it the best experience possible.

Ability to Rent Karts Starts April 1st!!


  • Our pricing is simple and provides the best bang for your buck compared to any other karting experience in the Valley!
  • $35/hr per driver for a 30 min. session
  • $60/hr per driver for a 60 min. session
  • For larger groups it will max out at $1,000/hr no matter how many drivers you have.

How To Schedule

  • Email or Call us to schedule your group event. But first look at the following. 
  • Mondays and Tuesdays Kart Idaho is closed so if you reach out or call there may not be a response those days.
  • Any date on our calendar that is currently blank simply means nothing has been officially scheduled on that day. This means all times are available!
  • Available times to book are
    • Friday 10:00 am - 5 pm
    • Saturday 10:00 am -5:00 pm for the beginning of your event
    • Sunday 10:00 am-3:00 pm for the beginning of your event
    • Beginning of your event means when the group event starts
  • If you see an open date simply email or call us to confirm your date and time.

Group Event Requirements:

  • Must be 12 years or older and minimum 5 feet tall
  • Show up 15 minutes before to go over safety briefing and get paperwork filled out and safety gear fitted.
  • We allow a maximum of ten karts on the track at a time
  • All Drivers must wear closed toed shoes and pants. Long hair must be tied back and secured.
  • All drivers under the age of 18 must have minors waivers signed or they will not be allowed to drive.
  • If Parent is Absent a Minor Parental Consent Form must be filled out ahead of time. If needed request for a copy from Kart Idaho.
  • We will not have events if it were to rain.
  • These events must be reserved in advance and there will be a non-refundable booking fee to secure the event for you and your group if the group is of a larger size. Price will depend on amount of drivers participating.

**Please contact us with any questions or more details**