- Class will be split into two Groups A and B for Practice (only JR2 and SR for now)

- If you practice outside of your group it will eliminate your fastest lap from qualifying

- There will be five Sessions starting at 10 AM.

- The fifth and final session will determine qualifying groups and order you leave pits

- You will be required to scale after this practice and if you are light will start at the back of the slow group in qualifying

Saturday -

- One 5 min. warm-up session


- Qualifying (Tires you qualify on will be tires you race on for the entire weekend)

  • Round 1
    • Will be 5 min.
    • First group will be the slow group in order of speed fastest to slowest
    • Second Group will be the fast group in order of speed
    • Will be sent all at once and must exit pit road in order you are lined up
  • Round 2 – Currently only JR2 and SR
    • Will be 5 laps
    • Will be top 6 with 7th on back being set from Round 1
    • Class will be split for Round 2
    • Drivers will be separated on track and spaced out no drafting is allowed
    • If you are drafting that lap will get thrown out
    • Results from Round 2 set that classes order qualifying

- How Groups are determined for Saturday Heats for JR2, SR currently

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D





















- This will continue until all drivers are place in a group

- All Lineups for Heats on Saturday will be set by qualifying except currently JR1 and Heavy. Those classes will be progressive unless more entries arrive.

- Heat Races x3 (10 Laps each)

  • Lineups will be determined by you qualifying position 
  • Groups will race against each other in three heats
  • Group A is highest ranking Group. Group D is Lowest.
  • Higher Ranked Group will start on inside.
  • Lineups are set in all three heats from qualifying it will not be progressive.
  • Points will be awarded based upon your finishing result in the heat
  • 1st – 0 points, 2nd – 2 points, 3rd – 3 points and so on
  • Top 8 in points will move on to fast dash everyone else will be placed in semifinals on Sunday. All tiebreakers will be by qualifying times

Sunday -

- One 5 min. warm up session

- Semifinal (10 laps)

  • Lineup will be based on points from Saturday and will be 9th on back
  • Finishing order determines starting lineup for the main for 9th on back
  • SR Division will have (2) Semifinals. Odds and Evens straight up from Saturday Points.
  • Top 4 (currently) from each Semifinal move on to the main.

- Fast Dash (10 Laps)

  • Drivers starting positions will be determined by points from heats.
  • Dash will be 8 laps in length
  • Finishing order of the Dash determines starting lineup for Sunday A main

- LCQ SR (12 laps)

  • Will be straight up from semifinal finishes.
  • Top 8 move on to the main.

- A Main

  • Will be 20 laps in length
  • SR will be 25 laps

Starting lineup is determined by Fast Dash finishing order followed by Semifinal finishing order followed by LCQ finishing order for SR.